Error while integrating Power Manager Sample PDD to i.MX53 BSP

Jun 30, 2015 at 9:47 PM
I am integrating the Power Manager Sample PDD to my BSP following the steps described in the "Implementing System Power States" document page 19. The directory ..\src\Drivers\Pm\Pdd already exist on my BSP for the i.MX53. After I copied the files Platform.cpp, Pwstatemgr.h, Pwstatemgr.cpp, Pwstates.h, Pwstates.cpp, and Sources to the Pdd directory and removed the files that were previously there, I am getting the following error: "error C2220: warning treated as error - no 'object' file generated" on line 161 of Pwstates.h. Any ideas what could be causing this error? Also, no makefile is included in the download.