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Power Manager Sample PDD

Project Description

This Power Manager Sample platform dependent driver (PDD) can be used with Windows Embedded Compact 7 to add additional system power states to your device.

Project Details

Windows Embedded Compact 7 supports power management features through system power states that you define for your device. This sample adds support for additional system power states, and the source code is organized so that you can easily extend it to support custom system power states of your own design.

This Power Manager Sample PDD supports the following system power states:
  • On
  • UserIdle
  • Unattended
  • Resuming
  • Suspend
  • ScreenOff
  • BacklightOff

The companion developer’s guide, “Implementing System Power States”, explains how to integrate this sample PDD into your Windows Embedded Compact 7 platform directory. This developer’s guide also explains how Power Manager works, how to configure system power states, and how to modify the sample code to implement new system power states.

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